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Hilchos Shabbos #4

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Shabbos Candles:

This mitzva involves many details, some relevant every week when lighting in one's own home, and others when one is away for Shabbos. Let us go into the laws.
The mitzva to light candles is Rabbinical. One reason for this is that we should enjoy the evening Shabbos meal through its light.
It is best to light the Shabbos candles where one is going to eat their meal. One should also make sure the candles are able to burn the entire length of the meal in order to provide the light for the meal.
Candles should also be lit around the house for the sake of shalom bayis (peace at home), the reason is so people can avoid tripping over things in the dark. There is no need for every room to have candles lit, as long as the light shines and will prevent anyone hurting themself. These days one can use electricity to provide the light without needing candles.
The meal mitzva to light Shabbos candles still applies even if the house is full of light and must be lit by the Shabbos table.


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