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Hilchos Shabbos #5

Posted by Scholar

Reciting the brocha on the candles:

The brocha should be said on the candles that were lit where one is going to have the meal and not on those lit around the house. All other candles are exempt from a brocha through the brocha on the main candles.

Guests may light Shabbos candles anywhere in the house. The guest is obligated to recite a brocha on their candle even if its in a bedroom as the host's brocha doesn't exempt theirs.

Shabbos candles should not be placed in a drafty place, for example next to a window. The reason is the flames might come to be extinguished.

Some Sages hold that one may place the candles by a window if there is no wind there but other argue its best not to lest a sudden wind come and extinguish the flame.


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